Please fill out the form below to request a framed MOD-icon (minimalist illustration of the front elevation of a home) print to give to your client. I will reach out to you within 48 hours of receipt with a project proposal, or to ask more questions. These MOD-icons are most commonly used for MCM properties, but work well for pretty much any home type. These prints are 12×12 by 1 inch thick with a 1/2 inch wide pine frame available in 4 colors (see above). Artwork is printed on uncoated 110lb paper, and covered by plexiglass.¬†Check out my Price List for more product types and pricing. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected].
MOD-icon Request Form (Realtor)
Please enter your first name. Having your full name is important, since it will appear on your project proposal.
Please enter your last name. Having your full name is important, since it will appear on your project proposal.
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You will only be contacted regarding this project. I will not send you any marketing correspondence, nor will I sell or give your information to anyone else.
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The colors you choose do not need to match the existing colors of the home being drawn. I typically use 4-8 colors on each MOD-icon, including backgrounds, windows, and outlines.
All MOD-icons include a House Name written in bold below the main artwork. This can be something like The Smith Residence, Rainbow House, or even just the address.
MOD-icon text can include things like alternate house names, architect name(s), builder name, city and state, and the year the house was built below the primary house name. Please be as specific as possible.
Accepted file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .zip, .gz, .gzip, .rar, .7z. Please ensure photos are large, clear, and hight quality. The home should be properly framed, well lit, and everything you want in the artwork should be visible.
The standard framed print is 12×12 inches by 1 inch thick. The frame is made from pine, and is approximately 1/2 an inch wide. Artwork is printed on uncoated 110lb matte paper, and is covered by plexiglass.
If you selected “No” for the previous question, please describe what you would like instead. This can be a different print size, frame option (including an unframed poster or foam board print), or even a completely different item, like a t-shirt. Please be as specific as possible, and keep in mind the cost will be different from the standard $100.
Please refer to the example above to see what these frame colors look like.
Skip this step if you don’t have a deadline. Most MOD-icon projects take about 3 days to complete, depending on what other projects already in my schedule.
This could include your dog peeking through a window, emphasizing address numbers, a certain plant you like, etc. Note that most MOD-icons do not include plants, unless they are integral to the design of the home or requested by the client.